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Termite Control

Coastline Pest Management, Inc.we provide termite control and preventive services form all types of structures.

Subterranean termite activity is very high in the southeast. The coastal area we serve is among some of the highest in the country. Termites are a great part of nature because they cleanup wood debris on the ground. But they do not know the difference from rotted tree, or your home or business. So leave it to our professional team to provide you with the protection needed to keep them from damaging your property.

There are two types of treatment procedures for termites control to existing structures.

  1. Liquid Termiticide Treatment. Which is applying a chemical into the soil around in necessary areas of the foundation to properly control and prevent termite infestations.
  2. Termite Baiting System. Baiting stations are discretely placed in the ground around your property. These stations are there so when termite forger (workers) move around your home or business the stations will detect their activity. The stations will allow the termires to feed on a poisoned bait. Which then the workers will carry the bait back to the colony and feed it to other termites, thus creating the trransfer effect.

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